How to use correct the low of Attraction?!

People started becoming aware of argument to whither or not the Law of Attraction works since the movie The Secret went main stream. I thought it was a fascinating movie that had a good intention, but left out crucial elements that are necessary for the Law of Attraction to work.

The Law of Attraction simply states that if you focus on something (long enough) you will get it. Whither it be money, power, fame, the Law of Attraction will provide it for you.

I’ve been behind the scenes of the Personal Development industry, and when you’re behind the scenes of any industry, the truth does eventually come out. The Law of Attraction was padded up nicely and presented to the public in a way that’s so simple and requires no work what so ever on your part.

Now, do you really believe that you can sit on a couch, eat pizza, focus on pictures you cut out from the Forbes magazine, and attract them in your life? I will never say it’s impossible, but let’s face that fact that it’s almost never going to happen. A majority of the people who saw this movie or run their life by the Law of Attraction believe it to be true.  The element that just happened to be left out was Newtons Third Law, the Law of Action. If you have no action, you have no reaction. If the golf club doesn’t hit the golf ball, the ball isn’t going anywhere. No matter how hard you attract a hole in one.

The Law Of Attraction Works

There were several examples from my personal life that I use to explain the success I had with the Law of Attraction. I use to work for an amazing company called The Mike Ferry Organizationwhere I would sell contracts for their coaching programs. I believed in their services 100% which is why I became so good at selling it. After learning about the Law of Attraction, I decided to take it out for a test run.

I was at the mall on day and saw these wicked Prada sunglasses for $350. For some god dam sunglasses, it’s quite expensive, even if you are rich. I found a picture, printed it out and started focusing on those glasses every single day for about 1 month. Now I did not just focus on it and hoped for it to happen, I was focusing on it, got excited and inspired every single day and took action by selling more contracts. That month turned out to be one of my better months because I made well over what I expected. I did this again by buying amazing gear for snowboarding. $600 Burton Snowboard with some $200 Burton Bindings. I did it the same way.

Everything I focused on wouldn’t have come true, if it wasn’t for me taking action on it.

What’s your take on the “law of attraction”?


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