Microsoft Windows 8 (Daily Shop)

Microsoft Windows 8

Until now, touchscreen PCs were little more than gimmicks – finger-friendly add-ons to a very mouse-oriented OS. Microsoft Windows 8 ($TBA) looks to change all of that. By borrowing heavily from Windows Phone 7, Redmond has built a touch-optimized, tile-based main interface for Windows 8, melding the user friendliness of modern smartphones with powerful PC features like complete access to the file system, the ability to see more than one app at a time on screen, and desktop caliber apps — although we’re still trying to figure out how you’re supposed to use the Office toolbar without a mouse.


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Heineken: Banned Commercial (Daily Commercial)

Here’s a banned commercial of Heineken. It is a sort of sequel on the walk-in-fridge of Heineken, made by the agency Kings Cross in the UK.
Why posting this one? Well, our good friend Rindert from Creative Criminals is currently working for BBDO in The Farm, where 12 advertising geniusses are working on real cases of BBDO.
Heineken is his favorite beer and we hope we can motivate him by posting this commercial!
Cheers Rindert!

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Bud Light: Write-on Label (Daily Commercial)

For a limited time, Bud Light is pimping a new label that lets you write on your bottle with a key, coin or any pointy thing. That way people will know which beer is theirs, but also write down the number of a hot chick.. Not a big campaign, but one of the best ideas lately from a beer brand!

Heineken – The Invite (Daily Commercial)

Here’s a nice idea to start a party: A bottle opener that connects with your Facebook and invites all of your friends, from the moment you crack a bottle!

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Volkswagen: Tiguan Piñata (Daily Commercial)

At the scene of a child’s birthday party, the strength of the Tiguan is demonstrated when even a father cannot break the SUV-shaped VW piñata..

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“2012 Audi A7” – Papercraft (Daily Commercial)

Taras Lesko is an artist who’s extremely handy with paper. Audi asked him whether he could make an Audi A7 completely out of paper. It took him 285 sheets of paper (which are transformed into 750 different parts) and 245 hours. The result is amazing..

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Home Alone House (Daily Shop)

Home Alone House

At the time it came out, Home Alone seemed like a dream scenario: no parents, a huge, awesome house to enjoy, and dimwitted bad guys to battle. While the no parents thing isn’t such a big deal anymore, and we’d rather not deal with armed robbers, you can still get the house. The Home Alone House ($2.4 million) is up for sale, offering old-school luxury and instant McCallister bragging rights to the owners. Built in the 1920s and located at 671 Lincoln Street in Winnetka, IL — roughly 30 miles north of downtown Chicago — this stately home features four bedrooms, a designer kitchen, dual patios, an outdoor greenhouse, a full, unfinished basement, and, yes, even the scary third floor. Keep the change, ya filthy animal. [Thanks, Andrew]

$2.4 MILLION Buy: 

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Osama’s watery grave captured (Daily Commercial)

Even if he’s dead, Osama Bin Laden is still a hot topic amongst advertisers. We have no clue whether this video is official, but it’s hilarious. It always important to wear a seatbelt, no matter who you are, and in which condition you find yourself in..

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Lito Sora Electric Motorcycle (Daily Shop)

Lito Sora Electric Motorcycle

Most companies would be happy to take a traditional bike, slap an electric engine and some batteries in it, and call it a day. But not Lito. It took cues from Bobber and Street Fighter bikes to create the Lito Sora Electric Motorcycle ($44,000). Built from the ground-up as an electric superbike, the Sora sports the world’s first electric motorcycle seat, letting ride in a low position on the highway, then move the seat higher for more aggressive riding. Other features include an integrated GPS system and touch screen, high-quality suspension components, a regenerative braking system, an on-board charging port and sealed, lockable storage compartment, carbon fiber fairing and an aluminum chassis, a CVT transmission that helps the Sora move from 0-60 in roughly four seconds on its way to a top speed of 120 mph, and a unique notification system that emails you when it’s done charging and ready to ride.

$44,000 Buy:

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AIDES Willy the Tourist (Daily Fun)

Introducing Willy, the tourist with a lot of frequent-flier miles. Indefatigable and cute, he is a good reminder for all of us to stay safe.
Voici Popol, le touriste qui collectionne les miles. Infatigable et tellement mignon, il nous rappelle l’importance de se protéger.