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It’s everything about filmmaking and shorts :)

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Daily Article

What is a Blog? , How to blog? and Why you need a blog? ….. Did you ever ask yourself about this ?

I started Dailyliked because I always forgot where I found a video, a photo, a book or something I enjoy in the Internet. So I decided to start a blog where I will post my daily stuff and of course share it with other people from all around the world not just with my friends. I’m from Moldova, a very small country between Romania and Ukraine. Here is a big problem, I can’t make money with my blog using Paypal or some other sites because Moldova is considered the Third World and we do not have acces to payments online. I blog because I do it for pleasure and not for money. Anyway here are some sites you can make money with your blog:





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Home Alone House (Daily Shop)

Home Alone House

At the time it came out, Home Alone seemed like a dream scenario: no parents, a huge, awesome house to enjoy, and dimwitted bad guys to battle. While the no parents thing isn’t such a big deal anymore, and we’d rather not deal with armed robbers, you can still get the house. The Home Alone House ($2.4 million) is up for sale, offering old-school luxury and instant McCallister bragging rights to the owners. Built in the 1920s and located at 671 Lincoln Street in Winnetka, IL — roughly 30 miles north of downtown Chicago — this stately home features four bedrooms, a designer kitchen, dual patios, an outdoor greenhouse, a full, unfinished basement, and, yes, even the scary third floor. Keep the change, ya filthy animal. [Thanks, Andrew]

$2.4 MILLION Buy: http://homealonehome.coldwellbanker.com/index.html 

For More Stuff : http://uncrate.com/

The Company Men (Daily Movie)

This is a movie that concludes on a note of naivety, but it deserves credit for being a well written and seriously conceived ensemble drama about white-collar America and the financial crash. Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper and Ben Affleck play executives in a corporation which they have put at the centre of their lives, but whose top brass, to ward off a takeover, are secretly planning to hike the share price artificially with brutal layoffs. These besuited guys, with their luxury automobiles and fancy houses, face humiliation. The movie is good at showing how middle-ranking salarymen, who for decades thought themselves above it all, have become the cannon-fodder of the 21st century marketplace. They get downsized while the top tier of management ascend to a godlike, super-rich caste. A sober and sobering picture.

How Does Ebay Work? (Daily Article)

By Ian Moore, eHow Contributor

An Overview

  • Ebay is an online auction service that allows users to sell merchandise and prospective buyers to place bids on a wide variety of items. The time of the auction can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Throughout the duration of the auction, bids are accumulated. At the end of the auction, the bidder with the highest bid is then awarded the item. Although eBay got its start in the United States, the online auction has expanded its service to over thirty countries around the world. The items up for bid range from trading cards to automobiles. Certain items such as pornography, alcohol, tobacco and drugs are prohibited from being sold.


  • In order to sell merchandise membership to the eBay site is required. The user must also create a seller profile. The membership is free of charge and can be completed at the eBay site. Sellers will then pick a category that suits the item that they will be selling and then upload pictures of the item. The first picture is free, however additional pictures require a small fee. Listing an item costs about two dollars. This is the minimum fee. Extra listing options such as “Bold,” “Print,” “Extra large photos” and the “Buy now” option will add onto the base fee. The seller sets how high the bid will start, the duration of the auction and determines the shipping costs and rates. The seller is responsible for all aspects concerning the auction and it is his responsibility to answer all questions that the potential buyers may have. At the conclusion of the auction, the seller must send an invoice with the cost and shipping information to the buyer. When the item has been paid for and shipped, the seller must leave feedback for the buyer.


  • To be able to bid on and buy auctioned users must also have a member profile. This can be the same profile that is used to sell items. The buyer is allowed to bid as many times as possible. There are programs available to download which make it possible to bid at the last second. These are called “sniping” programs and are widely used during an auction. If the buyer has the highest bid, he will be notified that the item has been won. The buyer must now wait for the item to be shipped then pay the seller preferably through PayPal. When the transactions have been completed, the buyer then must leave feedback for the seller. Buyers and sellers who receive positive feedback are awarded points. The higher the point total, the more experienced and trustworthy the buyer or seller is.

Read more: How Does Ebay Work? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how-does_4896408_ebay-work.html#ixzz1Lb3RzNuo

Boiler Room (Daily Movie)

A great movie starring Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Nia Long, Nicky Katt, Scott Caan, Ron Rifkin, Jamie Kennedy, Taylor Nichols, Ben Affleck.

If you want to become a prosper entrepreneur or work on wall street this movie is exactly for you. In the movie it’s retelling  a story about a college dropout gets a job as a broker for a suburban investment firm, which puts him on the fast track to success, but the job might not be as legitimate as it sounds.

Daily Photo

Learn how to deal with tight budgets, hung over cameramen, actors not showing up and grumpy directors. TV Channel, Canal+ supports those who make movies simply because making a movie isn’t easy.



Vita Audio R4 Music System (Daily Shop)

Looking for more out of your audio system than generic looks, a dock, and some speakers? TheVita Audio R4 Music System (£600; roughly $975) delivers, with a slot-loading CD player, DAB, DAB+ and FM tuners, a top-mounted universal dock, a USB port for playing back music from a thumb drive, front and rear auxiliary inputs, an integrated active subwoofer, 80 watts of power output, a docking “RotoDial” remote control, and a gorgeous walnut, white, or gloss black body.

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Rank Company Job
1 SAS 3% 5,629
2 Boston Consulting Group 2% 1,713
3 Wegmans Food Markets 6% 39,255
4 Google N.A. N.A.
5 NetApp 9% 5,455
6 Zappos.com 37% 1,843
7 Camden Property Trust 0% 1,719
8 Nugget Market -2% 1,240
9 Recreational Equipment (REI) -1% 9,380
10 DreamWorks Animation SKG 10% 1,994
11 Edward Jones 2% 35,987
12 Scottrade 19% 2,884
13 Alston & Bird -12% 1,611
14 Robert W. Baird 5% 2,406
15 Mercedes-Benz USA -3% 1,657
16 JM Family Enterprises -2% 3,688
17 USAA -1% 21,889
18 Stew Leonard’s -7% 1,991
19 The Methodist Hospital System 2% 11,298
20 Cisco 3% 36,612
21 Container Store -3% 3,338
22 DPR Construction -7% 1,073
23 Goldman Sachs 7% 13,154
24 Whole Foods Market 3% 52,915
25 Umpqua Bank 18% 2,154
26 Plante & Moran -4% 1,478
27 CHG Healthcare Services -5% 1,124
28 Bingham McCutchen 7% 1,607
29 Quicken Loans 4% 3,179
30 NuStar Energy 4% 1,419
31 W. L. Gore & Associates 1% 5,770
32 Chesapeake Energy 10% 8,529
33 Qualcomm 2% 12,520
34 QuikTrip 5% 10,936
35 Genentech 3% 11,464
36 Southern Ohio Medical Center 18% 2,276
37 Scripps Health 5% 11,847
38 PCL Construction -4% 1,323
39 American Fidelity Assurance -1% 1,495
40 Balfour Beatty Construction 37% 2,079
41 Devon Energy -10% 3,508
42 Baptist Health South Florida 5% 12,249
43 Shared Technologies -3% 1,192
44 Intuit -3% 6,475
45 TDIndustries -11% 1,429
46 Johnson Financial Group -4% 1,259
47 Novo Nordisk -1% 3,340
48 Build-A-Bear Workshop -7% 4,250
49 American Express -3% 26,329
50 Baker Donelson 1% 1,127
51 Intel -1% 42,694
52 Salesforce.com 15% 2,725
53 Four Seasons Hotels N.A. 11,729
54 Atlantic Health 5% 7,418
55 Perkins Coie 2% 1,726
56 Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company 11% 1,269
57 Aflac 0% 4,400
58 General Mills 1% 16,803
59 Hasbro -4% 3,055
60 Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta -1% 6,521
61 Mayo Clinic -1% 41,068
62 OhioHealth 4% 12,529
63 Deloitte -1% 38,493
64 FactSet Research Systems 3% 1,355
65 Adobe Systems 18% 4,788
66 EOG Resources 5% 1,811
67 Publix Super Markets -1% 141,217
68 Stryker -2% 8,389
69 Mattel -2% 5,161
70 S.C. Johnson & Son -1% 3,310
71 Marriott International -4% 106,280
72 Microsoft -4% 53,410
73 PricewaterhouseCoopers -4% 28,168
74 Nordstrom 19% 49,447
75 Arkansas Children’s Hospital 2% 3,776
76 Gilbane -9% 1,761
77 Ernst & Young -7% 23,102
78 SRC/SRCTec 9% 1,054
79 National Instruments -1% 2,545
80 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital -1% 3,557
81 CarMax 3% 13,436
82 Teach For America 10% 1,236
83 Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants 6% 6,735
84 Bright Horizons Family Solutions -4% 13,737
85 Booz Allen Hamilton 9% 23,294
86 KPMG -5% 19,892
87 Men’s Wearhouse -1% 14,548
88 Meridian Health -8% 8,004
89 Brocade Communications Systems 8% 3,112
90 CH2M Hill -12% 13,486
91 The Everett Clinic 4% 1,633
92 Rackspace Hosting 14% 2,405
93 J. M. Smucker -4% 4,157
94 Aéropostale 7% 16,589
95 Morningstar 14% 1,224
96 MITRE 2% 6,686
97 Darden Restaurants 21% 167,537
98 Starbucks -5% 103,425
99 Accenture 4% 31,000
100 W. W. Grainger -3% 13,699

Top Ten Websites anyone can make money with (Daily Top)

1. Bitwine.com | Ether.com – sell your knowledge by offering consultancy services

2. About.com – become a guide (publisher) on about.com, and get paid for writing content. Based on your performance, your salary can be anywhere between $500-$8500/month. Check out the list of available
topics here

3. Chacha.com – chacha is a human powered search engine that’s maintained by search guides. It has more than 10.000 guides already and pays them between $5-$20/hour depending on performance.

4. Cafepress.com | Zazzle.com – these websites lets you put custom graphics or photos on popular, easy-to-ship, high-selling products i.e. t-shirts, mugs, hats, bags….etc. If something is sold you receive a commission. Since both of these websites receive lots of traffic, it seems quite promising

5. Elance.com | Getafreelancer.com | Odesk.com | Guru.com – mainly for techies; SEO professionals, web designers, developers…etc

6. Associated Content – write a story, how-to articles, rant etc, and if they like it they’ll pay you somewhere between $3-$20 for it

7. Clicknwork.com – get paid $5-$150/hour for doing some freelance work on a per-assignment basis. You’ll have to pass a tough test before you can start with it

8. Squidoo – squidoo won’t pay you but lets you publish articles with promotional content (ex; amazon products). It has lots of traffic and if you figure out what’s popular there, it can be well worth your effort

9. AGLOCO – how about getting paid whenever you browse the web? That’s exactly what agloco does, it pays you for browsing the web. There is a lot more to it though, check it out here.

10. H3 – Get paid to find the right candidate for particular jobs. Commissions range from $50-$5,000 depending on how desperate the hiring company is.