Volkswagen: Tiguan Piñata (Daily Commercial)

At the scene of a child’s birthday party, the strength of the Tiguan is demonstrated when even a father cannot break the SUV-shaped VW piñata..

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Osama’s watery grave captured (Daily Commercial)

Even if he’s dead, Osama Bin Laden is still a hot topic amongst advertisers. We have no clue whether this video is official, but it’s hilarious. It always important to wear a seatbelt, no matter who you are, and in which condition you find yourself in..

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Due Date ( Daily Movie )

The Hangover it’s not, but Due Date – the first film from director Todd Phillips since the Vegas-based blockbuster – doesn’t have to be. Thanks to strong performances from Zach Galafinakis and Robert Downey Jr., this road trip never veers too far off course.