Samsung Chromebook (Daily Shop)

Samsung Chromebook

Been patiently waiting for the arrival of Google’s all-web, all-the-time Chrome OS on a consumer machine? Your wait is nearly over. The Samsung Chromebook ($430-$500) is powered by Chrome OS, which offers a store chock full of web apps, boot times of eight seconds, instant resume, cloud-based storage, automatic updates, Wi-Fi, and optional 3G with 100MB of monthly data free of charge from Verizon. It’s like a netbook, without the hassle of a real OS.

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How Does Ebay Work? (Daily Article)

By Ian Moore, eHow Contributor

An Overview

  • Ebay is an online auction service that allows users to sell merchandise and prospective buyers to place bids on a wide variety of items. The time of the auction can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Throughout the duration of the auction, bids are accumulated. At the end of the auction, the bidder with the highest bid is then awarded the item. Although eBay got its start in the United States, the online auction has expanded its service to over thirty countries around the world. The items up for bid range from trading cards to automobiles. Certain items such as pornography, alcohol, tobacco and drugs are prohibited from being sold.


  • In order to sell merchandise membership to the eBay site is required. The user must also create a seller profile. The membership is free of charge and can be completed at the eBay site. Sellers will then pick a category that suits the item that they will be selling and then upload pictures of the item. The first picture is free, however additional pictures require a small fee. Listing an item costs about two dollars. This is the minimum fee. Extra listing options such as “Bold,” “Print,” “Extra large photos” and the “Buy now” option will add onto the base fee. The seller sets how high the bid will start, the duration of the auction and determines the shipping costs and rates. The seller is responsible for all aspects concerning the auction and it is his responsibility to answer all questions that the potential buyers may have. At the conclusion of the auction, the seller must send an invoice with the cost and shipping information to the buyer. When the item has been paid for and shipped, the seller must leave feedback for the buyer.


  • To be able to bid on and buy auctioned users must also have a member profile. This can be the same profile that is used to sell items. The buyer is allowed to bid as many times as possible. There are programs available to download which make it possible to bid at the last second. These are called “sniping” programs and are widely used during an auction. If the buyer has the highest bid, he will be notified that the item has been won. The buyer must now wait for the item to be shipped then pay the seller preferably through PayPal. When the transactions have been completed, the buyer then must leave feedback for the seller. Buyers and sellers who receive positive feedback are awarded points. The higher the point total, the more experienced and trustworthy the buyer or seller is.

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Ways Your Business Can Use the Internet (Daily Article)

Ways Your Business Can Use the Internet

(NOTE: This is an article listing the ways in which the World Wide Web can be used by businesses. It was authored by Dr. Bill Pierce with the assistance of Dr. Don Altman while both were at Visualogic, Inc. Written during 1994, and therefore ancient by Internet standards, it still is still spot-on, a tribute to Bill’s vision.)

Reach a worldwide audience The Internet is a worldwide network allowing you to reach people even very expensive advertising could not.

Provide product information Give customers direct access to information about your products. Some people prefer to learn about products on their own. The Internet has an unsurpassed ability to make information about your company’s products or services available to potential customers. It also provides the information when the customer wants it (now).

Save on literature costs Providing the information online reduces the need to print and mail product literature, thereby resulting in significant cost reductions.

Augment/replace phone banks Often people staffing phone banks are serving merely as interfaces to computer databases. In an age of graphical, networked computing, this function is less necessary. Simple graphical interfaces can be designed to allow customers to find the information they want quickly and inexpensively.

Provide easy access to customer service representatives Human interaction cannot be totally replaced by even the best graphical interface. When customers have a question, or would like to speak with a person, provide a list of contacts and phone numbers or allow them to send e-mail directly to a customer service representative, requesting that they be contacted.

Level your customer service load How many customers are turned away unsatisfied when your customer service lines are busy? How often do you have slack times when customer support personnel are not handling calls but still cost your business money? E-mail provides “asynchronous communication” that can help level the load. Customers with problems that do not require immediate attention can send an e-mail message through your Web site which can be handled when support people are not busy. Telephone-tag is eliminated for your customers, and you.

Inexpensively create/augment your corporate image It is easy and inexpensive to define your image on the Internet, whether you are a one-person-company or a large corporation. If your company information changes rapidly due to market forces, there is no easier way to change your image than electronically.

Recruit new employees Many companies (now nearly all), provide current information about job openings and attract talented people from places they could not reach otherwise.

Provide useful information to attract customers Ski shops often have a board listing local snow conditions. Search sites like ” yahoo ” and ” Lycos ” provide useful search services for the Web. Providing useful information to potential customers is a good way to get them to come to your site and return again and again (a property now called “stickiness”).

Provide your service on-line Many products and services can be delivered over the Internet. Online services will become an even brighter option for many businesses. Since the transaction is electronic, billing and inventory control can be automated, increasing accuracy and reducing your accounting and product storage costs.

Give customers access to searchable information Computers on the Internet allow companies to post information in the form of static Web pages. But, with some of the latest software (or some clever programming) , these computers can also help your customers find the information you are providing quickly. Federal Express created an award winning Web site that allows customers to track their packages. In doing this, Fed- Ex is providing a useful customer service while also promoting their product (service).

Help customers understand why they need you Another thing computers do well is provide artificial intelligence, expertise, or analysis. The Internet allows you to deliver custom software applications and extend your expertise virtually. Suppose you manufacture thermopane windows. A spreadsheet application could allow potential customers to determine how much money they would save in energy costs if they installed your windows. A financial services company could allow potential customers to analyze their investments in light of a financial service the company offers.

Let customers try a sample of your product or service Many new Web tools are becoming available that will allow consumers to try out a sample of what you have to offer before they buy. Gain a competitive advantage by offering a “test drive” of your product or service.

Eliminate the middleman Middlemen exist in some industries where there are barriers to direct contact between producers and consumers. The Internet is a vehicle for removing these barriers. This lowers prices for consumers and increases profits for producers.

On-line commerce This has been much touted in the popular press. Some products and services are well suited for sales on-line. Rapid growth in this area will occur as secure credit card transactions become (are now) standardized. Efficiency of shipping and delivery methods for hard goods is important for typically impatient internet shoppers.

Consider an Intranet Use the same Internet technology within your company to help workers communicate better and work more productively. Many companies are finding an Intranet to be a much more cost effective solution to their network information needs than proprietary software.

Top Ten Websites anyone can make money with (Daily Top)

1. | – sell your knowledge by offering consultancy services

2. – become a guide (publisher) on, and get paid for writing content. Based on your performance, your salary can be anywhere between $500-$8500/month. Check out the list of available
topics here

3. – chacha is a human powered search engine that’s maintained by search guides. It has more than 10.000 guides already and pays them between $5-$20/hour depending on performance.

4. | – these websites lets you put custom graphics or photos on popular, easy-to-ship, high-selling products i.e. t-shirts, mugs, hats, bags….etc. If something is sold you receive a commission. Since both of these websites receive lots of traffic, it seems quite promising

5. | | | – mainly for techies; SEO professionals, web designers, developers…etc

6. Associated Content – write a story, how-to articles, rant etc, and if they like it they’ll pay you somewhere between $3-$20 for it

7. – get paid $5-$150/hour for doing some freelance work on a per-assignment basis. You’ll have to pass a tough test before you can start with it

8. Squidoo – squidoo won’t pay you but lets you publish articles with promotional content (ex; amazon products). It has lots of traffic and if you figure out what’s popular there, it can be well worth your effort

9. AGLOCO – how about getting paid whenever you browse the web? That’s exactly what agloco does, it pays you for browsing the web. There is a lot more to it though, check it out here.

10. H3 – Get paid to find the right candidate for particular jobs. Commissions range from $50-$5,000 depending on how desperate the hiring company is.