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What is a Blog? , How to blog? and Why you need a blog? ….. Did you ever ask yourself about this ?

I started Dailyliked because I always forgot where I found a video, a photo, a book or something I enjoy in the Internet. So I decided to start a blog where I will post my daily stuff and of course share it with other people from all around the world not just with my friends. I’m from Moldova, a very small country between Romania and Ukraine. Here is a big problem, I can’t make money with my blog using Paypal or some other sites because Moldova is considered the Third World and we do not have acces to payments online. I blog because I do it for pleasure and not for money. Anyway here are some sites you can make money with your blog:





And if you want to know everything about blogging and how to make money with your blog you must see the best blog about blogging: http://www.problogger.net/