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Top 10 Ways To Relax

Over the last few weeks I have really been struggling to relax and unwind at the end of the day. My stress levels have been high and my sleep has been restless. So here i posted a top 10 list of daily ways to relax :
1) Smile

Just laugh some minutes , try to thing about something funny and laugh , smile it always makes you positive.

2)Drink a cup of nice tea

A cup of tea will make you feel better and forget about all bad things. Don’t forget to put some honey to improove the effect
3)Play with a baby

Babies are always positive  ! Just act like them.

4)Listen to chill out music

Go ahead click the link to a good collection of chillout music.

5)Swim in a pool

Swimming is good sport that make you drop all the negative stuff from your mind.

6) Meditate

Meditation is the synonim of relaxation . Stay alone for 10 minutes think and relax.

7)Watch a funny movie

Find some really funny comedies watch and laugh! Click here to see the top list.

8)Read a good book

I adore reading , it fills me with a lot of creativity and new experience and knowledge.

9)Take a sleep

Who sleeps more feels better and it’s scientifically prooved . But don’t fall asleep until you finish reading!

10)Invite friends for dinner

These persons always make you feel better , in every situations you’ll ever be just call them and make a dinner